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Boo's first foray into the show ring....Best Senior Puppy in Match

Greater Gainesville Dog Fanciers Association


Gilwood The Whole Kit and Kaboodle


DOB 4-21-10

Reg # TR95161301

Sire: CH Blanch-o Macario Leandro

Dam: Gilwood Peachy Keen

Health testing:


CERF: HV-35073

Havanese Nationals in Raleigh, NC 7-11

Boo places 4th in the 12 - 18 month class

photo courtesy of HavAntics Havanese

Boo's coat color journey in pictures

3 weeks old

5 weeks old

Boo was born black with white markings. As you can see above, at some time between 3 and 5 weeks old a white ring started around his nose.

This was when I realized he was going to silver.

5 months old

7 months old

9 months old

You can see the coat change starting to occur along his back. The texture and color are much different than his (yucky) puppy coat.

Boo is a joy to have. He's full of energy and loves to be cuddled.

In July 2010 We took Boo to the Havanese Nationals in Raleigh, NC and entered him in the 12- 18 month class. I'm proud to say he placed fourth. He was more interested in the new toy where I loved his beautiful white ribbon.

Boo now lives in Palm Beach with his two uncles, Mogie and Chance. He's living the high life.

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