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Secretariat General: rue Leopold II, 14-6530, Thuin, Belgique

No 250                                                              Le 24, Semptembre 1963

Standard: Bichon Havanais

The Bichon Havanais is a dog of small size.

BODY: The body is a little longer than the height, the ribs rounded, the flanks well-raised, the line of the back ends with a well-descended croup.

LEGS: The legs are straight, quite seches (lean; literally: dry), the toes elongated and seches.

TAIL: The tail is carried raised in the shape of a crosier and is trimmed with long silky hair.

HEAD: The head is broad and flat across the skull, the front a little raised.

EYES: The eyes are rather large, very dark, preferably black. Eyelids almond-shaped.

EARS: The rather pointed ears are dropped, forming a soft fold, a little raised, directed neither toward the sides nor framing the cheeks.

MUZZLE: The muzzle is rather refined, the cheeks very flat, not prominent. The jaws fit well, the nose is black.

HAIR: The hair is quite flat, rather soft, forming light wispy waves at the ends of each strand.

COLOR: Rarely completely pure white, light or dark tan, havane, gray, or white largely marked with specified colors.

The hair on the muzzle may be slightly trimmed, but it is preferable to leave it natural.

WEIGHT: Not to exceed 6 kilos. (13.2 pounds)

The Original Havanese Club of America Standard

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