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Bonneterre Caribbean Dream
AKC registration #TP31639103
date of birth:  9-26-2002
Sire:  CH. Elfin Hello Mr Chips
Dam:  Bonneterre Dream Weaver

Dory was the foundation of Gilwood Havanese,
 having graced us with absolutely gorgeous puppies.
We are now spanning 5 generations.

She was elegant in nature with a beautiful, silky coat.   She was my special dog, always at my feet
While she wasn't the most energetic dog we have here she certainly was the most adventurous.

Dory stood approximately 10.25" at the withers and weighed 12 pounds.

We were truly blessed to have had Dory become part of our lives.

Health Testing
CHIC number: 21934
DNA profile: V476805
BAER test HAV-BR662,9F-PI
Patella  HAV-Pa348/19F/P-PI
Hips: HAV-531F31F-PI
CERF:  HV-2072
Elbows:  HAV-EL174F31-PI
Legg Calve Perthes: HAV-LP89/31F-PI
Cardiac:  HAV-CA255/43F/C-PI
Liver bile acids normal

Dory's OFA page

Dory's pedigree

Just what's under all that coat.....
From the AKC Havanese breed standard:   Forelegs are well boned and straight when viewed from any angle.  The distance from the foot to the elbow is equal to the distance from the elbow to withers.


Dory's family in pictures.

Dory comes from a line of extensively health tested dogs.  All can be verified by searching www.offa.org

Sire:  CH Elfin Hello Mr Chips

Dam:  Bonneterre Dream Weaver

Dory's great grandmother Awesome Blossom ROM, her great grandfather Smallhaven Bingo ROM and her grandmother
CH Bonneterre Angel Baby ROM

Smallhaven Bingo ROM

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