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CH "Naima"

date of birth: 6/29/04

Naima is a stunning and unusual red brindle parti-color. She stands 9.75" at the withers and weighs 11 pounds. Her coloring garners attention where ever she goes.

She gained her AKC championship very quickly.

At her two year cerf (eye examination), Naima was diagnosed with intermediate punctate cataracts. The doctor said based on the location of the punctates we should not make plans to breed her until she was re checked in 6 months. She was then diagnosed with full blown, heritable cataracts. Naima was neutered shortly thereafter.

Naima is a very loving little girl who loves nothing more than to be on your lap. She doesn't take too well to being surprised...she will let out a yelp at the slightest thing. 

She also loves to throw her head back and sing.

Naima will remain with us unless the perfect home comes along.

Davie, FL

(3 point major)

Zolfo Springs, FL

(5 point major)

West Palm Beach, FL

(5 point major)

West Palm Beach, FL

(3 point major)

one week old

4 weeks old

6 weeks old

almost 6 months old

Just what's under all that coat.....

Naima... one year old

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