Welcome to Gilwood Havanese

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*****While we encourage potentials families to visit we ask that you do not come if you have just visited a pet store or another breeder's home.  Our puppies have yet to be vaccinated and for that reason we are unwilling to expose them to any potential risk. 

Your cooperation is truly appreciated.****



We are hoping for puppies in early April 2019

between our Jack and Marlo

For information please call Buddy at 352-474-0993,  email Robin or complete the questionnaire below 

Serious inquiries please 

***We will not ship puppies***

They can and do fit very comfortably under your seat in a plane.
We strongly encourage potential families to visit once the puppies are roughly 4 weeks old.  We want to make sure this is a good match for both you and our puppy and that you are comfortable bringing home that little bundle of fluff.