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El Morro Senorita Sasha of Gilwood


akc # TR81136702

sire: Salemi Alfi el Morro

dam: Los Companero's Chinook

Health testing:

CERF: HV-6588/2010--20


Patellas: HAV-PA2930/24F/P-VPI

Cardiac: HAV-CA1751/25F/C-VPI-ECHO

Sasha's OFA page

Sasha's pedigree

Sasha came into our home and our hearts from Kathy Steinig, El Morro Havanese. While Sasha is our smallest girl, her personality is one of our biggest. This little girl thinks she's a giant. She's the most bouncy girl we have. Sasha and [Wicked] Alice (she IS wicked) are best buddies and can be found playing together most of the time.

Sasha sustained a hairline fracture of her hip bone when she was a very young puppy. We (our veterinarian included) think it probably happened playing too rough with our other dogs. Sasha had surgery to repair it so having her hips OFA certified isn't going to happen as one hip joint is not considered 'normal'. You'd never know she'd had a problem if you watch her race across the yard, chasing Quinn (the red and white setter). She will stand up to any dog here with the exception of Axel. Of course, no one stands up to Axel except for Bella.

Sasha's New 'Do

January 2010

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